• W. Dean Anderson
    President and Treasurer

  • Allen Poole
    Senior Vice President, COO

  • Terry Rollins

  • Jason Fisher
    Vice President, Construction Services

  • David Harrelson
    Sales/Business Development

  • Buddy Corn
    Senior Project Manager

  • Sam Dixon
    Senior Project Manager

  • Ryan Mabus
    Project Executive / Director of Pre-Construction

  • Norman Norton
    Project Manager

  • Eric Hardaway
    Project Manager

  • Richard Heath
    Senior Estimator

  • Jeff Jennings
    Project Manager

  • Phengtou Thor
    Project Engineer

  • Ken Anderson
    Preconstruction Services

  • Kyle Clark

  • George Nicolae
    Associate Architect

  • Jaime Wells Nash
    Director of Marketing

  • Spencer Player
    Project Controls Engineer

  • Cindy Walia

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