Pearlstine Distributors, Inc.

Details Location
Greenville, SC
134,162 Square Feet
Jerry W. Rives Jr., AIA | Roebuck Buildings | LS3P Associates LTD

When Pearlstine Distributors, Inc. needed a new distribution facility, Roebuck Buildings was more than eager to help them bring their vision to life. The company already had a nearly 150-year legacy, and it was important to bring that pride into all the details of the build. To make it all happen, the Roebuck Buildings team worked closely with both Jerry W. Rives Jr., AIA and LS3P Associates LTD to design the perfect space.

This expansive 134,162-square-foot facility featured a variety of cutting-edge and stunning spaces. The first was a 2,400-square-foot class A office space that included a company display and grand lobby. This bright, inviting space felt like a modern museum with its many interesting architectural components. The grand lobby helped promote the history of the company with historic texts, antiques, and well over 100 beer steins and mugs.

The distribution facility featured a computer-controlled cold storage warehouse, coming in at a whopping 66,000 square feet. In addition, the team designed a 27,600-square-foot drive-thru distribution space to ensure that all products leaving the center were at their greatest quality.

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