Lear Corporation

Details Location
Greer, SC
156,800 Square Feet
Jerry W. Rives, Jr. | Roebuck Buildings

When Lear Corporation, a manufacturer of automotive seating and electrical systems, needed a new manufacturing and office building in Greer, South Carolina, they chose to partner with Roebuck Buildings to bring their vision to life.
Working alongside Jerry W. Rives Jr., AIA, Roebuck designed a 156,800-square-foot facility, complete with 15,000 square feet of office space. This sprawling plant features T-5 fluorescent lighting fixtures, generating 75-foot candles of lighting, as well as diamond-polished floors and a state-of-the-art air conditioning system. The manufacturing area features 28-foot clear heights throughout, as well as 56’ X 56’ bay spacing.

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