Diana Food

Details Location
Commerce, GA
80,500 Square Feet
Industrial: Food & Beverage
GPN Architecture | Roebuck Buildings

Diana Food entered a design-build contract with Roebuck Buildings to create a new 94,000-square-foot, food-grade facility for producing poultry food products like broth and dried meat powder. After working on a project for the client’s sister company in Hodges, SC, Roebuck Buildings knew that a project of this caliber would require significant attention to detail to meet the unique set of standards associated with food processing facilities. To ensure that this project exceeded expectations, the Roebuck team partnered with the talented team at GPN Architecture.

This massive food processing facility included a 63,000-square-foot production area, 12,000 square feet of offices and labs, and a 5,500-square-foot utility building. The structure itself was built from structural steel that was framed by a series of insulated metal wall panels, and the roof featured a 60-millimeter thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane.

The primary challenge with this project was weather — specifically the incessant rain in the area. This created a variety of scheduling issues that might have brought some others to a halt, but Roebuck Buildings found a strategic solution. By working closely with the equipment integrator, the team was able to begin equipment installation months before the building was completed, helping the project move forward.

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