Budweiser of Greenville

Details Location
Piedmont, SC
160,000 Square Feet
Jerry W. Rives Jr., AIA | Roebuck Buildings

With a legacy dating back to 1876 to uphold, it may come as no surprise that even Budweiser’s distribution centers are something to behold. So, when Roebuck Buildings engaged in a design-build contract with Budweiser to create their new 160,000-square-foot distribution facility in Piedmont, SC, the team knew they were signing up to create something remarkable.

This colossal facility featured two impressive buildings, each with their own challenges to conquer. The first, smaller structure was the 17,000-square-foot maintenance building. The major structure of Budweiser of Greenville featured a 39,400-square-foot drive-thru distribution space, which required a 66,000-square-foot computer-controlled cold storage warehouse and climate-controlled area for trucks to load product. This cutting-edge space ensured consistent quality in all products leaving the facility. Lastly, the distribution center also included a 30,000-square-foot class A office space which featured a magnificent and inviting hospitality suite for visitors.

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