Details Location
Gaffney, SC
87,500 Square Feet

Bericap partnered with Roebuck Buildings to complete their new 87,500-square-foot plastic injection molding facility in Gaffney, SC. This enormous complex featured a wide variety of departments and stations, including offices, a food-grade production area, a 174-foot-long utility distribution tunnel, and a 40,000-square-foot warehouse. To add to the challenge, the facility also needed to meet 28-foot minimum clears and feature 50’ x 50’ bays, which Roebuck Buildings was happy to accommodate. The interior of the structure was painted, featured an ESFR sprinkler system throughout, used T-5 fluorescent fixtures to achieve 50 foot candles, and was air conditioned via air rotation units. Since Bericap planned to eventually expand this facility, Roebuck Buildings designed their structure with expansion in mind. To ensure the longevity of the facility in the meantime, the floors were finished with retro plate, and the roof utilized a white 45 mil TPO roofing membrane.

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