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Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)

The collaborative nature of Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) project delivery allows our expert team to jump into the project early on to put our heads together with the project designer, ensuring that every step of the process runs as smoothly and cost-efficiently as possible. By working closely with the designer, our team can offer insights into efficiencies and identify problems before they ever arise during construction. During CMAR delivery, we offer a guaranteed maximum price (GMP), reducing overall risk to the owner and ensuring that our efforts are always focused on what’s best for the project. Plus, by engaging in a CMAR project with Roebuck Buildings, customers can hand-select their designer, delegate the responsibility of project management to our team, enjoy full transparency on all costs associated with the project, and trust that our team is your greatest advocate.


  • Increased cost control and transparency
  • Accelerated schedules
  • Reduced risk for owner
  • Higher quality construction
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