In 1947 when John C. Anderson, then a commercial credit officer for a bank, and a group of investors started Roebuck Buildings, the pre-engineered building industry was in its infancy. As the market matured, the company prospered. During the 1950s, Roebuck Buildings constructed warehouses and large retail buildings, such as car dealerships, in a geographic area ranging from Virginia to Florida. Roebuck Buildings began its transformation to a full-service contractor in the mid-1980s. Like many other construction companies at that time, Roebuck Buildings found itself at a crossroads due to the tightening of the building market.

The company’s particular dilemma was that it had grown too large to compete with the smaller firms in the prefabricated building market, and it was too small to compete with the larger companies for more complex projects. The business has thrived through conscientious attention to detail and by offering its customers the highest quality construction at the lowest cost possible.

At the same time, Roebuck Buildings had already embarked on a course of change: John Anderson was planning his retirement, and his son, Dean, would soon become company president and CEO. "We had to make a decision whether to scale back or grow," says Dean Anderson, reflecting on that period. "We chose the latter and decided to expand into a completely different kind of company. To accomplish that, Roebuck Buildings began computerizing its operations and developing computer-aided design capabilities. Then, another medium size general contracting company in Spartanburg closed. Says Anderson, "We brought in the cream of the crop from their people, which gave us more expertise in general construction."

From its early days in offering solely pre-engineered metal buildings, Roebuck Buildings has evolved into a premier general contractor and construction management firm in the upstate of South Carolina. Today, the Roebuck Buildings logo graces a variety of construction sites – from industrial buildings to multi-story office complexes and upscale retail stores to simple metal warehouses.

Serving clients in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia, the company is headquartered in Roebuck, SC, five miles south of Spartanburg along Highway 221. 

A Quality Operation

The business has thrived through conscientious attention to detail and by offering its customers the highest quality construction at the lowest cost possible. "Our expertise is in value-engineering, which means working with the client from the very beginning of a project, sharing our ideas on design and cost benefits," Dean Anderson says. He adds that Roebuck personnel are the most important resource he has to offer clients. Many of them have as many as 30 years of experience in the construction business.

Roebuck Buildings is constantly working to refine its capabilities that will yield long-term benefits for both the company and its clients. "It’s an entirely different way of doing business, and we are committed to making the most of it," Anderson says. Its superior performance has in fact made for many satisfied customers; more than 50 percent of the company’s revenue is derived from repeat clients. 

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