3,000 Days Without a Lost-Time Accident

As of Friday, January 27, 2017, Roebuck Buildings has achieved a remarkable milestone – 3,000 days without a lost-time accident, meaning more than 60 employees did not miss work due to an injury suffered on the job.

Roebuck Buildings has also achieved over eight years without a recordable injury.

“We are proud of our employees for accomplishing this significant safety milestone,” said Allen Poole, COO of Roebuck Buildings. “Although the emphasis is on training and record-keeping, it is our workers – the folks in the fields – that make it possible to achieve this record.”

Dean Anderson, President of Roebuck Buildings said, “Working 3,000 days without a lost-time accident requires a conscientious effort and making intentional choices every day. I am proud of our employees and their commitment to safety. Achieving this milestone takes an incredible amount of time, effort, and resources to implement, and the results of safe employees and a safe workplace are more than worth the effort.” 


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